7 Hot Kitchen Trends For 2015

New design trends come in every year. They're usually a mix of new colors and materials, along with new ways to utilize items in your kitchen. If you plan on remodeling soon and you like to keep up with the trends, you need to know about the hottest new kitchen trends of 2015.

1. Natural wood kitchen cabinets

While most people have wooden cabinets, this new trend is a little different. It isn't the finished wood you see in most homes today. This wood is natural, unfinished wood that sandpaper hasn't even gotten a hold of. The natural wood may sound like a recipe for splinters, but it will give your kitchen a rustic, log cabin charm that you can't get from anything else. If you enjoy the unfinished wood look, you can get some custom wood cabinetry to complete the look in your home. Pair the cabinets with some wood flooring to finish it off.

2. Chalkboard kitchen back splash

Chalkboard paint has been a top trend for the past few years and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. You can paint a chalkboard anywhere you would use regular paint. While the chalkboard trend began in children's bedrooms, it is now moving onto the kitchen. Many people are choosing chalkboard paint for back splash and an accent wall. You can use the chalkboard to write a grocery list, meal plan, chores, and a calender. 

3. Colorful cabinets

Since the lime green and yellows went out after the 1970's, people have been opting for safe, non-colored cabinet choices. Now, colorful cabinets are back and brighter than ever. You can have all of your cabinets painted a bright color, or paint the doors of white cabinets for a colorful pop. Painting an accent wall the same color will tie in the entire look. 

4. Classic and simple

A simple black and white kitchen is another great 2015 trend. You can achieve this look with white kitchen cabinets, black appliances, and black counter tops. If the white walls are too much for you, you can add chalkboard paint to some of your walls or the backsplash as previously mentioned.

5. Wallpaper

Believe it or not, wallpaper is coming back from the dead. While wallpapering an entire home may not ever be trendy again, wallpapering the kitchen and accent walls definitely is. Instead of breaking your bank account with backsplash tile, buy some removable wallpaper. It comes down easy for your next kitchen remodel and looks great while it's up. You can put some matching wallpaper on an accent wall in your kitchen to tie it all together.

6. Open shelving

Open shelving is a great trend because it cuts down your budget on cabinets. Many people are opting to only install lower cabinets, and putting shelves in the space where higher cabinets normally go. You can use the shelves to display beautiful plates, cups, and kitchen décor.

7. Glass-front cabinets

If you want to display the items in your kitchen but don't like the shelf idea, glass-front cabinets are a beautiful choice. The glass adds a beautiful look to your home and allows you to display beautiful plates and glasses. If regular glass shows too much for your liking, you can buy cabinet doors with etched glass. The etched glass will hide more behind the doors while adding even more design to your kitchen.

Remodeling to keep up with the trends is fun and exciting. There are so many trends in 2015; there is one for just about every taste. Whether you like the neutral, rustic, or colorful appeal, your kitchen will be trendy.