Economical Kitchen Renovation Ideas

High-end kitchen appliances and structural materials can be very expensive. If you feel apprehensive about overspending, use the following guidelines to support a budget-friendly renovation project. 

Resurfaced Materials

Resurfacing wooden cabinetry, tabletops, and counters can drastically improve the use value and beauty of older items. A resurfacing process involves the use of a power sander or a sanding block. When wood is sanded, the top layers are removed.

After the sanding process, fresh stain, varnish, and paint can be used to update the color of the wood. Choosing to resurface materials, instead of replacing them, can save you a bundle.

Consult with your contractor about salvaging the wood in your kitchen. Your contractor will need to inspect all of the wooden materials. They will determine if the structural materials are damage-free.

If so, they will prepare a list of all of the materials that will be needed to resurface the wood. You can then hand-select the stain or paint colors that will be used for the upgrades.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are waterproof. They can be used to update backsplashes. They can also be used to line shelves or to create borders along the kitchen's interior walls. If you would like to upgrade tile or another surface within your kitchen, vinyl decals can be used to quickly and affordably transform surfaces.

Since you will be salvaging the base materials that the vinyl decals will be affixed to, your contractor will not need to conduct costly demolition steps. They can simply measure and cut each decal product that will be used to upgrade existing materials. Afterward, they will clean and dry base materials. Then, they will secure the decals to each surface. 

Discounted Appliances

Some retailers sell scratch and dent appliances. These types of appliances are brand new. They are sold for a discount since they contain minor cosmetic defects. The defects usually occur when appliances are being transported. The defects typically do not affect the use value of an appliance.

If you choose to purchase scratch and dent appliances, you will have the ability to own top-of-the-line equipment, without needing to spend a lot of money.

Faux Materials

Faux materials are engineered materials that are designed to resemble natural ones. Faux stones, rocks, and wood will hold the same aesthetical value as natural materials. Faux materials will cost less than authentic ones, however. 

Your contractor will help you pick out faux products that match the natural materials that appeal to you. Faux products can be used to construct countertops and kitchen furnishings.

Speak to a kitchen renovation contractor to learn more.