Reasons To Waterproof The Exterior Of Your House

Waterproofing the exterior of your home is an upgrade that can have some profound impacts on the interior of the house. Unfortunately, individuals that are not informed of the numerous ways that exterior waterproofing can benefit a house may not prioritize having this work done to the property.

Reduce The Risk Of Mold Problems In The Home's Interior

Mold growing inside a home is a serious problem that can have the potential to make the interior significantly less safe for the occupants. For those with various respiratory problems, this can be especially serious. Exterior waterproofing can significantly reduce the ability of mold to grow in a home as it will stop moisture from seeping into the structure. In addition to reducing the risk of health problems, this work may also save you from the costly and disruptive remediation work that can be required to eliminate a home's interior mold issues.

Protect The Foundation Of The House

The foundation is another part of the home that will benefit greatly from exterior waterproofing work. If moisture is allowed to seep into the foundation, it can cause a couple of different types of damage that can be a serious threat. The moisture will be able to weaken the concrete that is in the foundation, which can lead to large cracks forming in it. Waterproofing the exterior of the house can stop the moisture from being able to cause these problems, but it may require some excavation work around the base of the house as the sealant will have to be applied along the entire perimeter of the foundation.

Make It Easier To Store Items In The Basement Of The House

Individuals will typically use the basement of the home as an additional storage area. However, moisture seeping into this space can significantly reduce your ability to safely store items in the basement as they can be prone to degrading due to rot, mildew, and other types of deterioration. If you are planning to store sensitive items in the basement, the exterior and interior of this space should be waterproofed. Additionally, you should consider placing a dehumidifying system in the basement. This will eliminate moisture from the cool damp air that may settle in this area of the home's interior. Together, these steps can greatly reduce the likelihood of the items you are storing in the basement becoming damaged as a result of moisture exposure. 

For more information, contact a local residential exterior waterproofing contractor