Moving Mom In: 3 Ways To Prepare For Your Multigenerational Home Renovations

After many thoughtful discussions, your family has decided that moving your aging loved one into your home is for the best. While you look forward to spending more time together, you do know that some accommodations will need to be made to make it more comfortable for everyone. As you prep for finally seeing your universal home design plans implemented, use these tips to ease the process for everyone.

Start Before The Big Move

Even when you hire the best contractors, you should be prepared for the fact that home renovations will generate some dust and noise. Although the work zone will be set up to be as safe as possible, it is generally better to begin your home remodel before your aging loved one moves in. This will ensure that you do not have to move their belongings more than once, and it will be easier for your loved one to settle in to an environment that is already established.

Prepare a Temporary Living Zone

Major bathroom and kitchen remodels do pose a temporary inconvenience, but the rewards are worth it when your loved one can do the majority of their daily activities independently. However, you will need to prepare for things such as not being able to use a restroom while the contractors are installing a new walk-in tub, or cooking may be a challenge if your countertops are being replaced. Talk with your home renovation company about how long to expect certain rooms to be out of use so that you can find temporary solutions for meeting everyone's needs. For example, you might use a microwave in the living room to prepare lunch on a day that the kitchen is being redone.

Secure Your Fragile and Valuable Belongings

Home renovators take preventative action to protect areas of your home that may be damaged by dust and debris, but there are some things you may need to do on your own to increase your security. For example, art work and other fragile items may need to be temporarily moved to a storage facility or room that is not included in the remodeling plans.

Getting your home ready for your loved one to move in is exciting, but you should expect a few minor inconveniences before you get to show off your new palace. By working with your contractors to know what to expect, you can head off any potential challenges while looking forward to expanding your living arrangements. Contact a company like Hybrid Painting & Decor to learn more.