4 Ways To Keep Roof Rot From Causing Damage To Your Home

When wooden beams and roofing materials get damp, a bad case of roof rot can set in. Part of the reason that homeowners are encouraged to check on their roofs and attics regularly is because of the damage that can be caused by just a few weeks of moisture building up under debris. Although roof rot can be extensive, most cases only require the assistance of skilled roofing services to undue all the damage. Here are the four most vital tips for roof rot prevention that homeowners should keep in mind.

1. Keep Debris Off Your Roof - Expert roofing services like All Weather Exteriors will tell you that debris is one of the biggest causes of roof rot. You may not think that a small pile of leaves can cause so much damage to a roof that it eventually need to be replaced, but that is exactly how many cases of roof rot begin. While a single leaf won't require you to get up on your ladder, any debris that has collected on your roof should be eliminated as soon as it is noticed. 

2. Prevent Your Attic From Getting Damp - A hot, muggy attic can quickly cause ventilation issues within your roofing system. Moisture that gets trapped in the attic can cause the shingles on your roof to become perpetually damp, leading to deterioration and roof rot. Preventing your attic from getting overly humid is as easy as opening a window or changing the temperature setting in your home.

3. Don't Let Water Collect On Your Roof - Homeowners with flat roofing systems are especially prone to having water sitting on top of their homes. Stagnant water isn't just a breeding ground for insects, algae and mildew, but it is also one of the leading causes of severe roof rot. Water can also collect on roofs that are missing shingles, so make sure that you have several roofing services that you can call for inspections and minor roofing repair jobs at your disposal.

4. Have Drip Flashing Installed - Unlike gutters, if you have drip flashing put up around the sides of your roof, you won't have any water sitting around and collecting for long. For homeowners that have repeatedly needed to have roof rot issues repaired, drip flashing can be a shrewd investment. Roofing services are able to combine drip flashing and gutters so that both water and debris flows downward and away from roofing systems consistently so that their customers have fewer maintenance issues.