5 Possible Reasons Why The Toilets In Your Public Bathroom Are Getting Clogged

Where there's a toilet, there's always the possibility of a clog. You might deal with clogs in your toilet at home from time to time. You might have even noticed that your public restroom at your business is prone to frequent clogs, though, which poses an obvious annoyance.These are some of the reasons why this might be happening and a few changes you can make to help.

1. Patrons are Flushing the Wrong Things

When people flush the wrong things down the toilet, clogs are bound to happen. Toilets are really supposed to be used for only human waste and toilet paper, and little else. Sanitary supplies, paper towels and other items that are finding their way into your toilets are probably causing the clogging problems. Providing trash cans in each stall and installing wall-mounted hand dryers rather than providing a supply of paper towels are two ways to prevent this.

2. Your Toilets Need to Be Replaced

Thinking about replacing toilets in your public bathrooms just might not be at the top of your priority list. That's understandable, but it's still an oversight. Older toilets or toilets that just aren't doing a good job of handling heavy public use need to be scrapped. Instead of blindly choosing the next toilets that you install in your public bathrooms and possibly making the wrong choice, consult with a plumber who deals with these problems all the time and who knows which toilets cause the least problems in public settings. The plumber might suggest more expensive commercial toilets, but this probably isn't a cash grab; spending more for toilets that don't clog will save you a lot of headaches.

3. There's a Septic or Sewage Problem

A lot of waste gets disposed of from a public bathroom each day. A septic or sewage system that is set up for this should handle the messy job without a hitch. A system that's old, that isn't adequate for the level of use that it's getting or that hasn't been pumped and taken care of isn't going to be able to hold up to the job. If your plumber can't find any problems with your toilets and if you're pretty sure that people are mostly flushing what they're supposed to be flushing in your toilets, the problem could lie with the septic or sewage system. Leave finding the solution to this messy problem up to a professional who does commercial sewage and septic work.

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