Pest-Free Garbage Bins

There are a lot of reasons for renting a garbage bin. They can simplify many types of projects, ranging from clearing out the yard to getting prepared for a move. Also, they are an important part of remodeling jobs such as deconstruction to replacing a roof. No matter what your reason is for renting a garbage bin, there is the risk of it catching the attention of pests. Here are some of the ways to prevent the garbage bin you rent from causing a lot of pests to come onto your property where they can stay long after the bin has been removed.

Don't over fill the bin

You don't want to over fill the garbage bin, no matter what it is that you are putting in it. If you are putting food waste in the bin, then the food will capture interest from all types of pests, and this is especially true if the food falls out onto the ground. Even if you are filling the bin with building materials or something else, pests can want that material to make their nests out of.

Shut the lid of the garbage bin when not in use

Make sure you keep the lid of the garbage bin closed at all times when you aren't in the middle of using it. While insects will still be able to get through the smallest of cracks, those larger pests won't be able to access the bin when the lid isn't open. This can help to prevent pests like rats, raccoons, skunks, and even bears and feral cats from coming onto your property in order to get at the trash that you have thrown into the bin.

Have the garbage bin placed on concrete instead of soft ground

If you have the option, the best place for you to have the bin set is on concrete. Not only can the weight of the bin destroy your grass but putting it on dirt or grass prevents you from cleaning the area. When it is on concrete, you will be able to sweep around the bin regularly. You will also be able to power wash the area if you have spills on the ground that can quickly lead to an ant problem as well as roaches and other insects.

Use repellent in and around the garbage bin

You can spray insect repellent in and around the bin to avoid insects from becoming a problem. You are also going to want to spray a pepper spray made of water and crushed peppers in order to fend off some of those other pests. The pepper spray can be sprayed directly onto the garbage.

If you need a bin rental for your next project, contact a local rental service today.