The ABCs Of Safety When Renting A Roll-Off Trash Bin

There may be times in your life when you're simply going to generate too much waste for your standard trash cans. Perhaps you're remodeling and demolishing some walls in the bathroom, or maybe you're going through your over-packed closets and getting rid of years' worth of extras. Renting a roll-off trash bin or dumpster is an easy way to dispose of your extra waste, but there are some safety tips to keep in mind when you do so. Luckily, keeping yourself, kids, pets, and neighbors safe is as easy as ABC!

A: Always lock the dumpster.

Dumpsters are the most dangerous to those who might try to sneak in and rustle through them for items to take. Dumpster diving has all but become a pastime in some neighborhoods, but unfortunately, someone sneaking into your dumpster at night after you've gone to bed could step on something sharp, fall and hurt themselves, or have heavy garbage tumble on top of them. The other problem that happens when you leave the dumpster unlocked is that neighbors may try to sneak some of their own garbage in. This is not necessarily a safety concern if they toss the items in from outside, but it is annoying.

Before the dumpster is dropped off, establish whether or not the rental company is going to drop off a lock, too. If not, get on a cheap combination lock at your local hardware store. It's worth avoiding a homeowner's insurance claim because your neighbor hurt their foot on an old knife in your dumpster at 2 a.m.!

B: Be aware of others.

If you have helpers assisting you in loading the dumpster or if you have kids around, always check to see where they are before you toss something into the dumpster. This is especially important with tall dumpsters where you can't see over the side from the outside. It's safest to keep little kids inside while you're working — the same goes for pets. You would not want to toss a piece of furniture into the dumpster only to find out your child, spouse, or dog was in there.

C: Climbing is bad!

Do not climb on the piles of trash, and do not allow others to climb on piles of trash! They can tumble unexpectedly or cave in, leading to injuries. Always load the dumpster from back to front in order to eliminate the need for climbing. 

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