4 Tips For Installing A Unique Fence On Your Property

When you decide that you want to install a fence on your property, you may start to look around your neighborhood and inspect homes wherever you drive to get inspiration. But you may find a somewhat limited variation in designs, which may encourage you to go with a unique look.

If you want to install a fence that looks and feels unique, you should put a lot of thought into some of the most impactful features.


One of the more standout features that you can add to a fence is an arbor because it will stand tall and well above the pickets and posts. Fortunately, you can choose from all sorts of design details with the arbor including the height, width, shape, and detailing. If you look around at enough examples, you will find semi-circle arbors that may fit right into your property's look.


The color that you choose for the fence will also have a huge impact on how it looks. While you may find that most homeowners go with neutral colors such as black, white, or natural wood color, you can go with a bold color that will undoubtedly stand out within your neighborhood. A great idea is to take inspiration from the other colors on your property and throughout the landscape.

If you have mature trees that produce red flowers, you may want to go with a red fence, especially if you do not have a lot of contrasting colors elsewhere.


Adding several gates to the entire fence installation is a smart idea because it will give your family multiple places where they can enter your property. At the same time, you should make use of this opportunity to add gates with unique designs that make your fence look more impressive.

Instead of going with a gate that looks just like the rest of your fence, you can opt for a more decorative approach by incorporating some intricate detail at the top.


All it may take is a quick inspection of your neighborhood to reveal that most properties are equipped with vertical pickets for their fences. Fortunately, this gives you an easy opportunity to create a unique look with your fence by going with horizontal panels for the entire installation.

If you are determined to install a unique-looking fence on your property, you will benefit from comparing local fences and getting creative with design choices as they will help you succeed.