4 Places To Install Epoxy Flooring On Commercial Premises And Why

Floor maintenance in high traffic areas is a challenge in many commercial premises. Yet, these spaces have a big role in forming an impression about your brand. But reflooring such spaces every few years is not a viable solution. Epoxy flooring ticks all the requirements for high-traffic areas. It is resistant, durable, and attractive. So, where can you apply it, and why?


This space offers the first interaction for visitors to your building and also sees high foot traffic. Therefore, it needs to keep an immaculate look for a good brand image impression and withstand the frictional forces on the surface.

Epoxy floors are good for such visible spaces because they are customizable in color and patterns. You can make a beautiful logo design on the floor of your lobby to reinforce your brand awareness. The epoxy floor's high-gloss surface fits contemporary commercial architecture with its heavy reliance on shiny glass and metallic surfaces.

Office Hallways

Has carpeting in your office hallway become an eyesore because of fraying and discoloration? This unfortunate picture plays itself out in many commercial premises. This material withstands heavy foot traffic poorly and is prone to tearing, fraying, staining and discoloration.

Epoxy flooring makes a more sensible choice for office hallways because it is resistant to foot traffic and has a good look fit for any professional office. It is also noise absorbent, which helps maintain a calm ambiance.

Cafeteria and Restrooms

The cafeteria and restrooms are spaces of public health concern, and regulations guide their cleanliness. Their appearances also make a big impression on clients and visitors.

Epoxy flooring is suitable for these spaces because its glossy surface maintains a high level of hygiene when regularly cleaned. It is also easy to clean, allowing the cleaners shorter times to keep the areas spotless.


Warehouse floors must withstand a lot of abuse from both foot and vehicle traffic. They experience high friction forces from heavy vehicles, dropping objects, and chemical spills. These problems can wear out a standard concrete floor fast.

Epoxy flooring works well for warehouses because its tough surface is resistant to friction forces. It will not crack from pressure or discolor from chemical spills. It is also easy to clean, which is an advantage for lower labor costs.

Are you looking for suitable flooring for high traffic areas in your commercial building? Talk to a flooring contractor about epoxy flooring for these spaces.