5 Ways to Make Your Checkout Experience Pleasant and Productive

The checkout experience is the last impression customers have of your retail store. The physical space used by the checkout, or cash wrap, area is also space that you cannot use for any other activities. How can you make the most of this area both to leave a great impression and boost sales? Here are five tips to apply as you plan your renovation.

1. Avoid Prime Space

Where should your checkout experience take place? Start by not using up prime real estate within the store. Many retailers use the left side walls (viewed as the customer enters) because customers usually enter and move around a store from the right. Be wary of using too much front-end space as well, as you may not then be able to use this high-value space to display goods. 

2. Make It Flexible

The last thing customers want to do is spend a long time in line to check out. Prevent bottlenecking by making the cash wrap area flexible enough to scale up or down as foot traffic requires. This may mean having a larger station than is always necessary. Don't want to dedicate the space full-time? Create mobile overflow stations which can be turned into checkout stations when the need arises. 

3. Eliminate It If Possible

Can you completely eliminate the cash wrap area? This may seem revolutionary, but it's not so far-fetched anymore. Even small retailers can now equip their staff with technology to check out customers anywhere. With mobile, online, and kiosk technology, you might find that you can allow customers to make quick purchases and leave without ever waiting in a line. 

4. Entertain Customers

How are you using the time customers spend in line? Many retailers use this area to sell products that are handy and low-cost. But if you integrate the cash wrap area with the main retail area, they can peruse more substantial goods too. Or, tell them a story — your store history, brand values, or even useful tips about the products. The goal is to make time pass quickly and productively. 

5. Build Your Brand.

If nothing else, make sure the cash wrap area contributes to building your brand. The brand — including colors, fonts, logos, mottos, and symbols — should be prominent. Spiritually integrate your brand into the space as well. If your brand values customers' time, for example, simplify the checkout process. If it values creativity, make this space fun and expressive. 

Where to Start

Want help positioning, sizing, and designing a checkout experience that will wow customers and maximize physical space? Start by meeting with a retail contracting service in your area today.